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The MB Shah Commission report on illegal mining in Odisha, exposes how private mining companies earned thousands of crores of rupees by illegally extracting precious iron ore and manganese ore from the mines in Odisha. This is money that should have been used to eradicate poverty in this seriously backward state and improve the quality of life of the tribals and indigent villagers. But instead the money went into the pockets of mining companies.

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Ashish Khetan writes for Yahoo.com

Gulail's investigation lays bare how the Naveen Patnaik government builds false Maoist cases against activists and lawyers to silence voices of dissent

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While the state lures the Naxals to surrender, hundreds of innocent villagers have been branded Naxalites or sympathisers

Owner GL Mirchandani given clean chit despite clear evidence that wanton criminal neglect caused fire at the factory; honest officials transferred, pressured to manipulate investigations

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Five key prosecution witnesses tell Gulail that the ATS forced them into giving false testimonies against Himayat Baig.

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Gulail exposes the diabolical machinations of the UP government to conceal the innocence of Muslims framed in terror cases

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Gulail reveals the shocking story of the mob violence that resulted in the death of a Muslim cop.

Beneath DLF’s well-crafted image of a world-class construction behemoth, lies the rubble story of duped land and home owners.